Transmission Service: Smooth Shifting

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Transmission Service Smooth Shifting In Myerstown

Let’s suppose you’re going to take some friends out on the boat for some water skiing on a beautiful lake. Of course, you get the boat ready, but what about your tow vehicle?

Think about it – heavy traffic, hilly Pennsylvania terrain. Maybe some dirt roads – and it’s going to be pretty hot. And all the time you’ll be towing several thousand extra pounds around. That all adds up a lot of severe strain on your transmission. It’s going to be working overtime, spending more time in lower gears. The internal transmission temperature is going to be much higher than normal.

Drivers need to make sure they have enough transmission fluid. If it runs low, the transmission will run hotter and won’t have the protection it needs to cope with the added stress of towing. Transmission fluid breaks down and gets dirty over time. Whether your vehicle has an automatic or manual transmission, you need to have it serviced on schedule at Weiler’s Garage to make sure it runs efficiently.

Neglect your SUV transmission for too long, and it can fail. You really don’t want to pay for a major transmission repair even with the reasonable rates at Weiler’s Garage.

Before you leave your home and head to the lake, bring your vehicle in to Weiler’s Garage for a trip inspection. Our service technicians will check your fluids, belts and hoses and let you know if your brakes are in good shape. Now, don’t forget the sunscreen.